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  • Viki Lu Velazquez is a Phi Beta Kappa/New England Scholar graduate from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Philosophy. Viki has studied metaphysics and the paranormal for over 25 years and has given lectures and seminars on theories of the paranormal. Her latest book I Don't Think It's Mice - a guide for the paranormally challenged is available at Amazon (Kindle) and iBooks.
  • Her current major project is working on the Lucy Race novel series. Book I should be available in July 2017
  • Viki also has a degree in Physical Therapy and has been in the healthcare arena for 30 years. She has held the positions of Regional Marketing Director, Director of Marketing and Admissions, ALF Administrator, Director of Restorative Services, Director of Social Services and Activities Director.





Viki L. Velazquez - Alchemic Novelist



I would like to thank you for stopping by my website. You may want to check back from time to time as there is going to be much more to engage with as my latest endeavours progress.


The Transmutation of Lucy Race series is underway and I will be sharing the process on my blog at Viki Velazquez's Blog  This is going to be quite the ride! I hope to see you there and am looking forward to comments and suggestions!


My current informational book, I Don't Think It's Mice... a manual for the paranormally challenged is available at Amazon /Kindle and iBooks.



I previously wrote the book "The Down and Dirty on Paranormal Investigators" a few years back. I had my publisher take it off-line. Was never real happy with it and didn't spend a lot of time promoting it. "I Don't Think It's Mice" is a total reconstruction of that previous book. I added content, deleted content and put it through the ringer until, now I can say I am satisfied with the outcome. There is content that no other book on the paranormal addresses. This is officially a new paradigm in dealing with the paranormal. It embodies, what I term the Paraphilosophical approach. This is an approach of personal responsibility regarding the management of our thoughts in as much as our thoughts manage our environment. This book is meant to empower any person who may be experiencing paranormal events in their home. I formatted this book in a note binder (hard copy edition) because it is also meant to be a kind of workbook where I have even added loose-leaf note paper for note taking.